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Grow with Character! (19/100) Series by Hermawan Kartajaya - Ask, and you will be given!

TRAVEL early MarkPlus Professional Service is not as smooth as I thought. In fact, my personal brand awareness is high enough to write in Java, thanks to post every Wednesday (since I was in PT Stage Electronic Industries and continued when the Sampoerna). My personal brand association also has a very "sharp", because it is always and only the writing of "angles" marketing. If calculated only roughly, three consecutive years the time that means is marketing 150 I quit writing in Java Pos.

My presence at the Rotary Club Surabaya Rungkut also help the network. That's where I started offering to speak of "free" on the companies my friends. That was hard!

They like to read my writing because it is easily digested, but do not want to spend time for the men. They are afraid that if I just nonsense. Fortunately, at that time, I have other activities. Namely, teaching in a part-time at the Faculty of Economics Ubaya with my former thesis supervisor there, Mr. Henky Supit, who is now a professor. In addition, I turn myself in Indonesia Marketing Club or IMC Branch Surabaya. Anyway, to look busy, I had to go outside the house every day!

If only the house in Jalan Taman Indah C Prapen 8, Surabaya, I am ashamed as a neighbor! Because of that, every day I have to leave the house, driving Corolla installment where aja. Visiting a friend's office to offer themselves, but did not sell! Free though.

All the people who used to respect, when I was a director of PT HM Sampoerna, like soap encountered. In fact, those who had searched me. Request for additional rations of cigarettes or ask for donations, even sponsorship. Frankly, after a month I was a bit desperate. Going through the embarrassment of cooperation, will continue the heavy taste. But, I must not look like that at home or in front of my friends.

Every night I was sad to see both my children were little, Michael and Stephanie. I'm not worried about my own, but worried about the fate of those still in school in Santa Maria. At night, several times I had tears in my eyes by accident.

But, anyway, I had to endure! How? Finally, I decided to face the Pak Putera Sampoerna. I asked Mike (call Michael, son Hermawan, Red) and I brief him on the car that I would "get jobs" to Mr. Son. That is, so he could understand "the struggle" to ask for my job. But also, to create psychological effects of Mr. Son.

We both accepted Mr. Putera Sampoerna in her study about seven o'clock. Michael is not a big look "concerned" of the atmosphere rather "tense", especially when I began to speak.

I immediately reported back that I had Toyota Crown Saloon and thanks for my debt erased. I really owe when I was working at the Sampoerna to take MSc in Marketing from the Graduate School of Business from the University of Strathclyde (by distance learning). That is, I do not have to go to England, but enough to learn from the material submitted, part tutorial in Singapore, and exams at the British Council.

I took the decision to have a diploma S-2 without leaving work. Strathclyde selected, because I see the highest rank among the other distance learning programs at that time.

If the school full time there, only four quarters or a year. If distance learning should be four semesters or two years. When I came out of Sampoerna, I have completed three semesters well.

Semester four of the most troublesome of my thesis. Communication with the supervising difficult, especially my English is not good it is to write a thesis. But okay, at least have paid my debt to pay tuition fees to be paid in advance.

Back to my story, after the second reported case was, I just ask for Mr. Son to be "pelaris". I admit it if not sold!

Within half an hour, Putera Sampoerna agreed to provide job training to former child of my own fruit in the distribution division throughout Indonesia for one year. That was my first job! A great deal! Immediately, I moved and put Mike on the way home. It was a relief, after a month can not be any jobs.

I still remember, at that time the total contract year can be as much as my two and a half times a year from my salary as a director! To be honest, this is the "flow of blood transfusion" first order MarkPlus Professional Service does not become "fat" and "plus"!

Now, with the buffer, I can live in peace at least a year. In addition, there is a chance to start looking for administrative assistants, office. and develop a network outside the city.

What lesson can I here? I sell a large training packages to my ex-boss to train ex-child of my own pieces in the right psychological situations! Also? Actually I do not sell, but ask at the right time (Pak Putera more relaxed in the afternoon) in the right psychological situations as well (there was Mike). An event that could never forget ever! (*)

Grow with Character! (18/100) Series by Hermawan Kartajaya - Brand Must Reflect "Reason for Being"

MarkPlus is Marketing Plus! It was seen in the first logo I created. There are nine small square box that I collated three times three.

In the three boxes on the top line, I put the letters MAR. In the three boxes on the second row, I put KET. Arrangement of letters in the last line is the I-N-G. So, if you read:-MAR-KET ING.

To illustrate Plus, I played black and white. On the top row, the letter M in black color with a white background. A white color on black box and R colors in black and white. K-E-T three white on black boxes. Finally, back again as the first line, I black and white, white N on a black, and G in black and white.

Thus, background-MAR-KET ING will be read as a black cross.

Everything is clear and explicit, that I really want to say that business is marketing plus others. That is, all other functions such as finance, operation, and human resources to follow the marketing decisions.

Thus, since the beginning of the establishment of Professional Service MarkPlus in Surabaya on May 1, 1990, I've wanted to do a "redefinition" of marketing. I strongly believe that marketing is a "function" which had a higher level than others. At that time, I was amazed at Unilever very "marketing".

At Unilever, marketing director at that time had a position above the "half rate" than any other director. It was "recognized and accepted" by nature.

I became increasingly amazed at Unilever that time, when the time to visit the factory. Ordinary course, no one I istimewa.Teman, Mr. Ibn who was human resources manager, said that Unilever is the biggest secret of his brand. "If this tomorrow Unilever factory fire, brand Pepsodent is still large and can be produced at the plant anywhere." Later I grew to understand the importance of brand when they learned that Nike did not even have a single plant! But, they have a strong brand!

All other functions aimed to "supports" the decision a very important marketing is. R & D directed to make products in accordance with the "direction" brand predetermined. In the case of Pepsodent, then "white teeth" is a strategy used for Pepsodent. If that happens the opposite, in fact dangerous!

Make products that are considered first "good and competitive", but is not in accordance with the "white teeth". Eventually, the brand will be weak and did not sell any products!

So did the production. Quality of toothpaste to create a "white teeth" that should be kept in accordance with the brand promise. Human resources had been recruited since the beginning have had to understand that.

Finance was directed to "finance" to "white teeth" that will increasingly become a reality and more and more users. Therefore, spending in the form of advertising, research and development, human resource training, and so also be directed!

How to channel? Well, the distributor of Unilever's "think" only in Unilever's request to conduct investment in infrastructure such as car canvas, warehouse, or the computer! Why?

Yes because Unilever had a strong bargaining position due to a strong brand! In fact, the distributor was "willing" organized by Unilever in terms of orders of goods and the selling price to the retailer! Once again, it all happened because there is a strong brand!

Frankly, that's what I did on the first day MarkPlus: determine the "direction" or even a reason for being for the birth MarkPlus Professional Service. If there is no good reason and unique in establishing a company, other activities will be "sporadic".

To me, business is marketing plus others is reason for being, not just a logo. I strongly believe that it is very true. Also, all my products and all activities must support it!

I also believe that the logo should be clear and easily understood.

Especially if I set up a new company that has not been known!

I still remember the words that the meaning of Putera Sampoerna SAMPOERNA which also nine letters were much "better" than the Dji Sam Soe, who was better known! For this reason, a decision he is wearing a corporate brand Sampoerna, Dji Sam Soe is not! Thus, all activities should be directed to ensure "the Sampoerna's"!

Because I was so obsessed in the sanctity number nine, I came to believe that the logo MARKETING totaling nine letters hokkie that will take me. Because of that, I still believe that MarkPlus not be "fat" or start and "plus" or die within three months, as my friend predictions.


Start with a logo with the "meaning of" as a reason for being for a new company! (*)

Grow with Character! (17/100) Series by Hermawan Kartajaya - Being a Big Fish in Small Pond!

KEEP light, the first days after I set up MarkPlus Professional Service in Surabaya on May 1, 1990, I was nervous. Usually up Toyota Crown Salon, then up Toyota Corolla. Cicilian again! Love the new deposit USD 20 million and owe 24 months. That, too, could not pay in full.

Business cards are original director of PT HM Sampoerna be MarkPlus Professional Service without the office. Ashamed because. Early written director or managing director, had the employee not at all. One company or one man show .... The address of the SIER Sampoerna factory to the home address instead Prapen Park Indah C 8.

Frankly, at that time I asked people minder each. Why kok out of Sampoerna?

Rare is the person who had become director of a big company would resign if there was not a problem. Not a few who asked, whether I was kick out because of corruption? Understandably, it did happen more than once in the past.

Moreover, the distribution of directorships Sampoerna is enough''vulnerable''. Full of temptations. The big traders are often tempted to ask for rations Dji Sam Soe greater control''to''market. Because, Dji Sam Soe did not have competitors. Thus, control can determine the supply price! That the characteristics of monopoly market.

Whereas in the situation of pure competition, mastery of one brand has no meaning. The reason, it can be easily substitute other brands. The only thing that''comfort''that's just my time of freedom and work to wear a tie every day!

Frankly, this is what I crave time in Sampoerna. Because, at that time everyone, including Mr Putera Sampoerna, must wear uniforms every day batik. So there is an opportunity not to wear a tie!

Because not sell, routine is the only one to attend Rotary Club weekly meeting Rungkut Surabaya. Still pretty good. First, if present at the meeting, I was always worried summoned to the office. Time is not on the Sampoerna, one nyari not anymore. Come to the meeting until the end, even still be talking after the meeting.

The first time I attended the Rotary meeting without batik, my friends know that I was''desperate''out of Sampoerna. A friend of mine Rotarian club as a tax consultant could ask whether my decision was right? What else go in the field of marketing consultants who had not understood people. Please keep in mind, when it was still May 1, 1990, Soeharto was still strong,''kuat'' was.

CCN is still very decisive triumph of the business, rather than competitiveness. Monopoly and lobby far more decisive than the marketing and entrepreneurship! My friend had to say:''Who would understand marketing? Better to change the bow into accounting or tax consultant. There must be a market, even gede banget. Therefore, everyone must take the books and pay taxes!''

But, I immediately imitating what has been said to me Putera Sampoerna. ''It is better to be a Big Fish in a Small Pond than to be a Big Fish in a Big Pond!''Market accounting and tax consulting are immense. But, the players are very many. There have been many great players and I will be a''loser''.

Dji Sam Soe alone in the market is not great. I also wanted to be alone in MarkPlus market new marketing consultant''from''I own! In fact, my friend had had time to predict the age MarkPlus would only''three months''.

MarkPlus wrote his name, so would''fat''and''plus''! That means, come now and die in three months! That's what it gave me the spirit to rise. (*)

Grow with Character! (16/100) Series by Hermawan Kartajaya - Dahlan Iskan, Putera Sampoerna, and Ciputra: Different but the Same.

I've written about the three "teachers" I had before starting MarkPlus Professional Service in May 1, 1990 in Surabaya. All three are very different, but all three are equal. Look.

Iskander Dahlan, a former journalist, Magetan long, graduated IAIN legal department. After a head of the Bureau of Tempo in Surabaya, he was appointed to lead the post of Java, who was "live hard, die shrink". After raising Java Post Group to all over Indonesia, he tried to go into various other businesses.

Not everyone can be successful for Java Pos Group is in the media. But Mr. Dahlan had wanted to show his people that he not only can the media business. He always liked a challenge. At this time, many people who wished him success in PLN. Like a mission impossible. That Dahlan Iskan.

Then, Putera Sampoerna was born as a rich kid. He is the third generation of the Sampoerna family. His grandfather, Lim Tee Seng, who first pioneered the tobacco company that now has become number one in Indonesia. The second generation is the father Lim Swie Ling. Many people say that every generation in Sampoerna has excellent products.

If the first generation to make Dji Sam Soe and second-generation launch Sampoerna Hijau, Mr. Son to make A Mild! Unlike the other children of the rich, Mr. Son is a hard worker. Although the language broken Indonesian, highly nationalist spirit! He overturned all the existing custom in Sampoerna.

The first generation of birth, both raised, and the third was destroyed? That's "doctrine" family business that should not happen Sampoerna. "I do not want to make it happen," he said one day. Because the landscape is different, he always "innovative" to defeat the change outside.

Decisions necessary to take full risk. And, that Mr. Son who would stake their policies, although a bit to sage-ko! He dared "bank debt" that had never done the two previous generations. So is advertising and promotion.

Distribution is replaced, the distributor model to branch management. Moreover, going public, which means companies cede some sovereignty to an outside party! In fact, the most controversial, sell the entire company's stock price as well!

What about Ciputra? Birth Manado, Mr. Ci graduated from ITB. Going to Jakarta and the "challenging" the governor of DKI Jakarta to, among others, to build Ancol! Every ten years, there is a change of business model.

The first ten years, so the executive Jaya Group as a stock. Second decade in business with his friends to make "The Pioneers" group. The last ten years and beyond to do business with their own families. I participate in "push" for Mr. Ciputra Ciputra dare use the word as a brand, replacing the word image. At that time, people confuse with Bimantara Citra Group and Citra Citra Lamtoro Gung.

Now? Ciputra already traveled. Have a lot of property projects outside Indonesia. In Indonesia, Mr. Ciputra often invited partnerships by Indonesian people who have a "land bank", but do not know how to work it. Ciputra is not a name anymore, but a premiere brand painstakingly established over thirty years.

Well, these three very different looks right? But, you know what makes all three the same right! What's that?


Look at how they dare to take risks to create or run a business is born. How they can read the opportunities before making a decision. In addition, of course, the way they "convince" others to support these ideas.

Even now, they never stop innovating! So, they are very different, but also very similar sekaligis! For this reason, many threads can I learn from these three people! (*)

Grow with Character! (15/100) Series by Hermawan Kartajaya - Entrepreneur-minded employees, Entrepreneur Berjiwa Employees

One thing that I see consistently in the self-Pak Ciputra had always until now is entrepreneurship. He believes that this is what Indonesia will bring forward. Without entrepreneurship, a country will not progress.

According to Mr. Ciputra, at least five percent of the population of a country should be inspired by the entrepreneur. So the real business or keep working on other people, but employers have souls. To me, if you are an employee but think the company you work for the company itself, the impact will be different. Not just the company, but mainly to himself. That's a less conscious people.

Many thought that he felt "lost" if it thinks the company where he worked like the company itself. "How nice .. I lost dong ... later wrote that I already have his own company, just so ..." That's why people who do not want to be intrapreneurs.

Mr. Ci "taught" me that people like that lose themselves. Not use the existing opportunities. It is, admittedly, not all companies provide the opportunity for you like that. Must be acknowledged, too hard if you work in the division of production, operation, or routine administration.

His job is only to do something according to SOP (standard operating procedure), not even the slightest innovation. But, when there are bosses like Mr. Ciputra is always "challenging" its employees to have the entrepreneurial spirit in the company, a big loss if not taken.

John Kao is a former professor at Harvard Business School who is also producer of the film Sex, Lies, and videotape. He conducted a survey and found different entrepreneurship with purely professional.

He said, there are three most important. First, a clever entrepreneur saw an opportunity, or opportunity. Meanwhile, a professional would rather see the threat or the threat of a situation.

Same situation could, but the one seen the positive side, while the one of the negatives.

Know the stories of people who sent her boss for a survey of shoes on an island? When back to the boss who asked him the survey, the employees said that there is no chance. Why? On the island no one wearing shoes. Everything was still wearing sandals.

Make the boss, the word "still" had a chance to teach them wear shoes. So, chances are great! Meanwhile, the employees who have no entrepreneurial spirit say that because they saw a threat. Threat to a job selling shoes there. Just wants to sell shoes in a place that people are wearing shoes, but a lot of competition!

Places like that make the boss instead of threats. Thus, different ways of seeing a similar situation? Second, a professional who "succeed" saw an opportunity ask them safe. Not taking any chances.

Back to the story, although he understands that the island is an opportunity, the employee asked for a guarantee that he will succeed selling shoes there. Where there is a guarantee like that. The boss, by contrast, have seen the way "teach" people there to wear shoes. He also had to imagine how much effort and cost that must be issued in the early stages. Furthermore, he also had thought of cost-benefit analysis that must be calculated.

The bosses want to take risks with the calculation. He is also ready to be a risk taker with the preparation of exit strategy if it fails to avoid losing a large scale. Meanwhile, the employee did not want to take risks, even avoided. Risk averter!

He also did not try to find creative ways to make this opportunity a reality. Waiting for her there SOP ... "I Kan men, not my employee, I am a salaried person ...." And so on!

These professionals are often only good at making excuses and defensive when ditanyain. Did not dare accept the challenge. Meanwhile, an entrepreneur dared to do something concrete actions by computation.

Third, after can see opportunities and calculate the risks and make decisions, there is still one more important. Convince others, involve other people, invite people to get capital, to support, and can be a good talent.

A professional who has no entrepreneurial spirit does not dare ask anyone else. Afraid of, fear of rejection, and fear dimarahin people. This is the "disease" of people who do. Therefore, many small entrepreneurs can only angry at the government. Ask for training, ask for capital, asked for guidance, and even asked for a business! "Cooking my local entrepreneurs and small not (help) to win the tender!" Once the complaint.

A true entrepreneur, whether he's a businessman or even remain so employees rarely complain! But, they are always trying to "sell the idea 'to someone else because he believed that a good idea!

Well, now you know? There are employees who are minded "entrepreneurs". Conversely, there are already established companies, but the "spirit" of employees. You choose so which one? Hahaha!

After 20 years, I think what I "learned" from Ciputra it fits with the research results of Prof. John Kao. Indeed Ciputra is the real entrepreneur! He was my big inspiration as Professional Service MarkPlus start on May 1, 1990 in Surabaya. (*)

Grow with Character! (14/100) Series by Hermawan Kartajaya - Above the Politics, Pro-active and self-initiative Target

Meaning entrepreneurship is not necessarily translated to be "entrepreneurs". There's even a study that found that people who start businesses without preparation will fail. There have been many examples. A great executive of the company or multinational besar.swasta failed state even after the work itself. When working in a company as a professional, an executive ngurusin only field. What is important, KPI or Key Performance Index should be noted. Because that is where he assessed, evaluated, promoted, and so on.

Usually not concerned with other functions. Seringkali.saling dropped back to "ride" higher ketangga a more "narrow" important jalannya.Yang can mcmanajemeni top, bottom, and sides! I am deliberately using the word "the" first kali.karena many smart executives "manage his or her boss" but forgot "bottom". If you need to step on as well!

Memanajemcni "middle" or "Managing peers" also often must be done to get support from my friends my level. Only after that, managing subordinates. Actually, that should have this down to be done well before. New to the middle and up. But, the movement "lick up" and "stepping down" lali frequent occurrence.

If subordinates report salah.dia up, before he was to blame. In fact, he should be responsible. Meanwhile, if the subordinate bagus.dia the "take credit" in the eyes of superiors. In case he had to "report" with "fair" to the top.

That small Part of the "office politics" in any corporation. Because an organization of human content companies have a variety of "hidden agenda", then "pollics office" (idak inevitable. The only difference is modest.

There are levels gede, there is kecil.Susahnya if an executive is more acting as a "player" than a "professional". If it's like this are difficult to grow enlre-preneurship in the company. Mr Ciputra had once told me, that every leader of the subsidiaries are challenged to be "entrepreneurs". How?

Given the freedom to do what saja.asal good intentions and achieve targets! "Suppose you wrote that got the company's" It's certainly not easy, when you just used a "player" or at best be a "professional". Now you are "above the politics". You are on the corporate politics. No need to lick up lagi.karena useless. Because of that, "forced to" focus on "managing your people". Another obstacle from an ex professional so unusual entrepreneur is "free from the situation". In the case of like referring to ini.saya first Habit Stephen Covey in Seven Habit of Pro-Activity!

Many people think that Proactive means you do something before, what what happened. Pro-active than reactive bukan.lawan the "fit". More proactive got the sense that you can free themselves from the "pressure" situation or the environment or workplace. Professional Players let alone a practice not to do so. Entrepreneurs are able to overcome any bad situation. Because he knew, that the base he was not "on lop of situation", he will run out!

The latter, which I noted was the "target". Why would an entrepreneur must be referring to the target? Because he can put the target can be the target scndiri.bukan from "heaven". Being a professional is often pressured by superiors made the target even though it agreed not feel his inisitifnya!

Jadi.waktu it. Mr. Ci also reminds me. Entrepreneurship is not meant to open their own business. You can be the entrepreneur in a corporation, provided you can and be given an opportunity to three things. First, can put themselves "above politics" corporate "Pro Active Kedua.bisa not reactive. Ketiga.bisa establish itself as a target company itself. Please try. (*)

Grow with Character! (13/100) Series by Hermawan Kartajaya - Promise is Debt! Because That, Promises Must be Paid!

DURING I worked in Sampoerna, I still maintain contact with Mr. Ciputra. Each to Jakarta, I tried to meet him.

I also continue to follow what is spearheaded by the''pioneer''in the property industry. One of the lessons that I can not forget is his statement to the customer.

What's that? Promise''is debt! Therefore, the promise must be paid!''It's a fit with the basic concept of Customer Satisfaction or Customer Satisfaction. CS 101!

When people think that the service is''friendly''or''smile'', the reality is not so. There are many people who think that service is the ASS or after sales service. Moreover, in the automotive industry is the term''''3S (sales, service, and sparepart)!

If you already like, meaning that service be''small''. Because sales division responsible for selling the product. Service for ASS, while spare parts are set up spare parts. In fact, the notion of service is not like that.

According to research conducted intensive Leonard Berry and Valarie Zeithaml, and Parasuraman, they found that the most important element in the service is reliability. Deliver what you have promised! Give what you've promised!

Mr. Ciputra statement when it even harder to say that the promise is debt! Meaning, if you have an appointment, have immediate debt! In fact, at that time, CS is still new in the world the term marketing. Astra, which is the best managed company in Indonesia was just beginning to learn the concept. Generally speaking, people who work in service industries realized this ahead of CS. Very simple ....

Yes because the nature of the industry, which did not make the product. The emphasis on the delivery of in-consume at once. Therefore, Astra also send their people to star for'' '''service learning.

It is said that the workshop ASS sent to the hotel for just coffee. When he returned to the shop, they then asked gimana feelings. They said that they were treated kindly. Smile and said to be standard in the hotel.

But, apart from that, what is important is they are always given what they promised. Never, copies the message out tea. Or, promised tea out of fresh sweet tea. Or, hot tea out of iced tea. Well, simple things like that are used as an example to be Astra Repair. In fact, the sale is a car or motorcycle.

Great is not it?

Back to Pak Chi, while the other developer's time mikirin only make a good product at a price that fits. So, Ciputra dare say that the promise is debt. Interesting story was circulated.

For example, when there are home buyers of the pioneers of''leaky''urgency, dibongkarlah entire roof! If it still leaks, it replaced all new homes. Crazy right?

Ciputra nerve to put big posters containing pictures himself with writing like that! Well, that was so, consequently the weight! CEO who promised, all employees must support! That's important! If not, statements like that just became vacant ad could backfire!

Do not promise when I know would not be filled. But, when I overdo promise, it must be met! If it will not be able to pay, do not owe. But, once it pay debt. Because, good name is more important and valuable than the cost of damages to be suffered. At the same time it warned that the debt is interest lho.

Meaning? Strive always reliable or appointments. Therefore, the cost of satisfying those who are not angry because they feel fulfilled what was promised to be more expensive. That is the interest of the debt to pay! At this time only, there are many people just casually promises, but can not perform. But, Mr. Ciputra have conducted more than 20 years ago!

That his characteristics. Not just imitating CS theory of the book, but the brave''harden''essence.

Benefits? There are three! One, consumers feel secure. Two, the employee is more committed to the promise. Three, companies need not only compete on product and price. Got it? (*)